2024 - Contemporary Women's Issues

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  • 17+ years and onwards

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Exploring Modern Issues related to Muslim Women
A course on Contemporary Muslim Women's Issues covering a wide range of topics relevant to the experiences, challenges, and contributions of Muslim women in the modern world. Here are some of the topics that will be studied:
Historical Perspective:
The historical role of women in Islamic societies.
Women in Religious Leadership: Explore the role of Muslim women as scholars, theologians, and religious leaders in various Islamic traditions.
Islam & Gender Roles
A foundational understanding of Islamic beliefs, teachings, and principles related to gender roles and women's rights.
Dress Code & Modesty
Exploring the diverse perspectives of Hijab.
Family Dynamics
• Marriage
• Family life
• Divorce
• Maintenance
• Domestic Violence
• polygamy
Health & Productive Rights
• Menstruation, hormones, and the Seasons Within
• Contraception & Abortion
• Menopause
• Female Circumcision
• Surrogacy, IVF, adoption
Women and Beauty:
• Cosmetics
• Body Image
• Plastic Surgery
These topics provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the many issues relevant to Muslim women in today's world and encourage critical thinking and discussion

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