Essentials of Islam

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Location: Lakemba Campus Language of delivery: English Age group:
  • 17+ years and onwards

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The tradition of Islam, as delivered to us by the Messenger of Allah is transmitted through the Prophetic method of teaching and learning, heart to heart, from teacher to student. The very essence of our practice relies on sound understanding to guide our belief and acts of worship, drawing us closer to our Creator. Daar Aisha is pleased to introduce to the Essentials of Islam Course, which was formulated to increase the students’ foundational understanding of belief, acts of worship, lessons from the life of the Prophet, and ennoblement of Character. This course is the first step in your pursuit of religious knowledge. It explains what your religion is, what you must know about it, and how you should learn it. The Essentials of Islam Course is designed to guide students through that which is considered obligatory knowledge for all Muslims to understand and implement.

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  • Tajweed, Fiqh, Purification of the Heart
    What You'll Learn
    * Understand how to seek religious knowledge * Learn the basics of Islamic belief * Learn the basic rules of wudu, ghusl, and prayer * Learn the basic rules of fasting and zakat * Learn how to worship Allah Most High with sincerity, purify your heart and beautify your character