Applied Tajweed Program

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Location: Lakemba Language of delivery: English Age group:
  • 17+ years and onwards

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Tajweed of the Holy Qur'an is the knowledge and application of the rules of recitation, such that the reading of the Qur'an is as the Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him), recited. The small classes provide focused and individual attention to each student.

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This course has a pre-requisites. You must complete: Learn To Read The Qur'an (or qualify with similar course in order to attend this course.)

This subject has a pre-requisite.

you have to attend Learn To Read The Qur'an or qualify with similar course in order to attend this course.

iRead Program was developed for sisters who want to strengthen their reading skills. The emphasis in this course is solely on practicing reading from the Noble Qur'an with the correct pronunciation.

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