A.Z Jan, 2019

I love the way it was taught; the tools were so helpful especially the process of Istihala!! Thank you so much. May Allah bless you in this life and the next.

Roma Jan, 2019

This course changed my whole prospective of halal food. We should have the course more often.

J.B. Jan, 2019

Very informative course, Second time attending – even better and more detailed.

Noriko Hirako Jan, 2019

Very informative course. It makes it easy to go grocery shopping now. There is too much wrong information around me but this class helped me a lot. Thank you very much.

Nazma Ahsan Dec, 2016

My best time is when I memorise the Quran and go to class to see everyone and my Ustadha.

Saida Mar, 2016

The part time Tahfiz course is one I will never forget. Alhamdulillahi rabbil alameen.

Seeker Oct, 2014

Title: "What else can be the Best?" I am a married, full time working woman. I attend part time Islamic courses at Daar Aisha and volunteer in my community. With house work on top of all, I have limited spare time. However, when it comes to Qur'an memorization, I don't feel tired at all. Knowing this is the words of my Lord, Rabbi which transmitted to us through our beloved Prophet (SalAllahuAlaihiWaslam), Qur'an itself is the main motivation for me. It makes my heart painful to think that I have to leave Qur'an behind when I die. And again, I am happy when I learn Qur'an would accompany me in my grave. I am a slow memorizer as I have limited time and also I am from non-Arab background but InshaAllah, with the help of Allah (SubhanAllahu Ta'ala), I will never give up no matter how many years it will take to finish the whole Qur'an. Memorization is getting easier and easier when the words become familiar. We have beautiful teacher who is very encouraging, patient and motivating. Teacher I want to be together with my Qur'an classmate and our lovely teachers in hereafter. I was full of joy with hope when I heard from my husband that he heard from his Sheikh in the class that the family of Qur'an will be reunited in hereafter. He said 'The family of Qur'an' mean people who strived to learn and memorize Qur'an. In hereafter, they will be taught by beloved Rusulullah (SalAllahu Alaihi Waslam) of more meanings of Qur'an and ultimately Allah (Subhan Allahu Ta'ala) Himself will reveal them more deep meanings unknown to men on this earth.. what else can be the best?

Nazma Ahsan Sep, 2014

BISMILLAHIR RAHMANIR RAHIM What motivates me to come to part-time memoristation of Holy Quran? All the teachers at Daar Aisha, especially encouraged me to memorise the Holy Quran. Our Prophet (saws) said: "INNAMAL A'MALU BINNIAAT".. So if I make true intention inshaAllah I will get the reward. Feeling the power of the love of Allah swt and His Prophet (saws) I got encouraged to begin memorisation at this old age. I was struggling to memorise even an Ayah at the earlier stages of memorisation. I work full-time and always struggle with time-management. If I say 'I can't' Ustadha Sabah always encouraged me and said 'YOU CAN'. Only Shaytan whispers at you that you can't. That really helped me. I can never forget that evening in my life when I memorised Juzz 'Amma by the grace of Allah swt. Ustadha Joumana gave me a big hug. I never have seen in my life that a teacher can be so happy for her student. It was a great encouragement for me. Late Sister Sarwat of Daar Aisha(May Allah swt give her Jannatul Firdaus) gave me a copy of the hadith 'Memory like Ali RA'. This Hadith is still helping me a lot. My best time is when I memorise the Quran and go to class to see everyone and my Ustadha.They are all a great niyamah for me from Allah swt. I encourage my family, friends and everyone to memorise Holy Quran and say to them: If I can, you can too. I am like that child who can't walk but gives effort to carry the heaviest and the sweetest kalamullah in her heart, with nothing to lose or fear as she has Allah swt on her side, Whose love is much more greater than the love that parents have for their children.

Anonymous Sep, 2014

The part time Tahfiz course is one I will never forget. I was in my final most difficult two years at university and endured several hardships in my studies and personal life yet the time devoted to memorizing the sacred Quran was a source of personal transformation and great blessings which blossomed in the journey's end. Despite the great time restraints I made the time to memorize and reflect upon the words of Allah (swt) whether it was on the train, bus or if it meant waking up an hour earlier in the morning. The several hadiths of the Prophet (saws) were my motivation from the promise of elevating through the levels of Jannah to my heartfelt desire to become of the people of the Quran who are the people of Allah and His chosen ones. Motivation also came from our very supportive teacher and the students who were like my family. Truly after hardship there is ease and sweetness of holding six juz of Quran in my heart was the beginning of a path of radiance, Alhamdulillahi rabbil alameen.

E.D. Ates Sep, 2014

I am so grateful to be part of DaarAisha's self-paced part-time tahfeez class. Since I started more than 3 years ago, I've experienced incredible changes in my life, understanding, resolution and confidence. I've seen how difficulties turn into blessings when sincere intention for Allah's pleasure and a little effort coupled with the love and support of right people around you. Alhamdulillah I've met very precious people and amazed at how Allah(SWT) specially choses those who are worthy to carry His KalamuAllah. Thanks to our tahfeez class I began to see everything about Quran is just wondrous. We always motivate and inspire each other and share our experience of Quran as we go along. And many thanks to our lovely, passionate and very dedicated teacher Ustadha Jumaana, we learn new Quranic gems and lessons to improve our understanding every week. Alhamdulillah her sincere and loving attitude gives me so much motivation and confidence to overcome my test-stress .Once she even tricked me into doing the revision and I only realised at the last page that she was actually testing me ? Her experience of teaching and her love and commitment to Quran makes heaps of difference for me.

Rima Tenian Mar, 2013

I love Daar Aisha I love you Um Abdul Rahman I love you Amatulla You ladies are so dear to me like a mother and a sister Thank you so much for making me closer to my religion and closer to Allah SWT May you both be rewarded with nothing less than jannat al firdous ya rub el alamin

Anonymous Mar, 2013

I think this subject (MUSTALAH) has really tested our knowledge in terms of Hadith, and my knowledge in terms of ranking of ahadith was zero. Thank you to the teacher for being very patient in teaching this subject. This subject was a very difficult subject and of course with repetition, tests and revision we managed to understand the 5 conditions of sahih hadith, the different levels of ahahdith in terms of sahih, hasan and daif etc. Also i never thought that there are fabricated ahadith which is what cause the great fitnah in the Muslim Ummah (we hear about it in peoples homes). we greatly appreciate this great knowledge which insha'allah we will be sharing with our families, children and grand children Ameen, and may Allah reward you all for every single knowledge you shared with us this year and the year before. this knowledge definitly changed my attitude and appreciation to hadith and great hard work that the scholars has put together for our generation this ahadith books.

S.Jackson Mar, 2013

Alhumdulilah for Daar Aisha which allows my week to go smoothly knowing that attending Daar Aisha is just around the corner. May Allah swt grant the teachers at D.A countless blessings for the work that they do. What makes it even more unique is that the teachers teach with great enthusiasm and passion.....as if it were their first lesson! SubhanAllah you must be truly blessed by Allah swt to remain so focused and passionate about what u teach! I couldnt imagine how difficult it must be to teach the same topic to hundreds of students day in day out year come year go. MashAllah MasAllah truly an inspiration. Jazakum Allahu kheiron

Rosl Mar, 2013

Can't wait to start DA tomorrow inshaAllah !!!

S. J. Feb, 2013

Jazaki Allahu kheiron D.A. for all the efforts you go to in making every lesson with an interesting and enthusiastic one! May Allah swt reward you for efforts in making my experience at D.A truly a memorable one! - SJ

Sabah A. Feb, 2013

I just wanted to say honestly and sincerely from my heart, that if it wasn't for Allah swt and you pious people at Daar Aisha I would have been lost and learned the religion the wrong way if that makes sense. Every time I go to Daar Aisha I feel I am with the prophet (saw) himself guiding me. Confusion, torment all bad vibes disappear and that is the only place I find peace in, sincerity, guidance and spirituality and the most beautiful thing is I get to know through you how just Allah swt is that bring me to tears because I know there is no justice served once I get out of Daar Aisha door. I would fill a newspaper talking about Daar Aisha may Allah swt bless you and your family and reward you for guiding a lot of people.

Mrs. A. M. Feb, 2013

Daar Aisha I love all of you for the sake of Allah. Thank you for everything and may Allah swt reward you for your endless efforts to pass on the message of Allah swt and his Prophet (saw).

Sarah G. Feb, 2013

SALAMMM!!!!!! I just found this page randomly in my news feed!!!! this message is not related to education im so sorry and hope im not wasting your time but can you please tell um abdur rahman and amatullah and just all the teachers who taught the shariah course in 2010 that Sarah G. who you taught before she had to quit due to pregnancy says a massive salam and please show them my profile picture and tell them its my twin baby boys. also thank them so much that i listened to their suggestion of praying dua e hajat every day during pregnancy and alhumdulilah my babies are OK. and just that i miss them and love them so much and wish and pray that inshallah when things settle with the family and kids i plan to return and do the course again and hope to meet and see them all soon. the time i spent there was not only my weekly iman booster, it kept me so strong and brought me closer to being a better person and muslim every week and i just miss it so much. and they're awesome. ok jazakallah kheir and thanks again and sorry this message is so long!! wsalms :)

Kathy Oct, 2012

what can i say once you enter you cannot leave .It will change your life for the better.Information that you will accuire will blow your mind! Alhumd that Allah swt destined for me to walk through the doors of Daar Aisha.My girls have now also followed.Really cannot imagine my life without Daar Aisha .Hats off to all the magnificent, hardworking,and patient teachers.May we all meet in Jannah and remember the great times we had at Daar Aisha.

Sabah Jul, 2012

this is my fifth year at DA and i tell you once you enter that beautiful place you get so attached you cannot leave it without the spiritual connection i get from DA and the knowledge they taught me i could not carry on from day to day problems and all and how i got hooked to this place it all began with the purification of the heart course since then i cannot leave this beautiful blessed place JAZ all the staff especially my favourite teachers omabdurahman and Amatullah my lighting stars in the darkness of this world we live in.

Ambereen Kasbati Aug, 2011

What can I say about DA the name speaks for itself. You can go all around the world but you will not find an Islamic Institute for ladies or the highly qualified teachers which DA has. I am one of the early students of DA and I live in Dubai now but in all honety we have everything there that you could possibly want accept DAAR AISHA and the strong anchor of DA (UMM ABDUR REHMAN). We miss you and really would request you to open a DA branch in the UAE the ladies there really need you. Jazakumullakhairan I will always cherish what knowledge I have gained from DA. MAY YOU PROSPER AND HAVE INSTITUTE LIKE THIS ALL AROUNG THE GLOBE. AMEEN

Shaeema Mar, 2011

Alhumdulillah, one of the best experiences of my life!! i would cherish each and every moment i have spent in Daar Aisha! May Allah give us all guidence and increase us in knowledge. Jazakallah!!

Stephanie Mar, 2011

Assalamu Alaikum Daar Aisha and sisters Thank you so much for the children celebrations event. Me and my brother liked it very much. I asked my mum If now I can sleep only on the floor facing Meccah and brush my teeth only with misvak. You are only one in the whole universe and so precious to me DAAR AISHA. Love, Stephanie, 9

Patrina Feb, 2011

I just wanted to write to Daar Aisha to share my first day as a part time student and at the same time would like to say jazakAllahu khairan to all the teachers and staff. Alhamdulillah I had a beautiful and blessed time the whole day... SubhanAllah in the morning I had butterfly's in my tummy, then as I got out of my home I recalled what Um Abdur Rahman said during orientation about the angels wings under our feet, SA it just made it all so special and amazing! Then all the teachers, Masha Allah, they are so beautiful and their classes so magnetic and puts you in a different state altogether, Alhamdulillah. When I finished I thought ok thats that. But SA I could not fall asleep last night, all the information was just playing in my head and I was trying to relive the day again! I look forward to the year insha Allah, and the whole environment. Masha Allah the sisterhood and bond is totally amazing! Sincerely JazakAllahu khairan, Patrina

Marwah Nov, 2010

Alhamdulillah for DA,JZAK to all the teachers and may Allah swt raise their ranks and make them among the highest in jannah.I pray for DA to continue spreading sacred knowledge for many years to come,so all can benefit.

Manal Sep, 2010

Daar Aisha was the best descision of my life , the 1 day i attended, it keeps me strong and lightens my heart till Tuesday arrives again.The teachers are simply amazing people full of wisdom and knowledge.The students become great friends with their faces full of smiles as you pass by them in the corridors i recommend for every person to attend this beautiful place.

Anonymous Aug, 2010

daar aisha is the best thing that ever happened to me it has changed my life for the better alhamdulilah also the teachers are the best i have ever had inshallah you will be rewarded for the knowledge you give us jzk salam

Shahaeda Bibi Jun, 2010

JazakAllahu Khairun for organizing this beautiful course. It gives us the insight view of our beautiful veil and I am now confidence to answer the questions from my colleagues. I like all the courses that Daar Aisha has organized, short or long. The courses are well structured, informative and presented by knowledgeable professional teachers. May Allah (S.W.T) keep Daar Aisha as shinning star forever. Ahmeen. P.S. Daar Aisha changes my life.

Shahaeda Bibi Jun, 2010

Assalamuahlaikum my dear respected teacher, Thank you so much for organizing this course for us. We, especially me, need a reminder for the reason of living. I did it last year as well as this year. I would like to do it again if Allah (S.W.T) gives me a chance. It opens my heart and helps me see things differently from before.

Lubna Jun, 2010

I would reccomend DA to everyone young or old. The courses taught are just so riveting and it makes you want to learn more. For me DA has been the best decision in my life and it was a life changing experience, may Allah swt reward DA and its teachers may it prosper for many more years so future generations can also benefit.

Umm Aisha Jun, 2010

Alhamdulillah...we are sooo fortunate to have a place and teachers like we have at DA - it was like a a spiritual homecoming to find a place that talks to your heart, sisters with whom to take a journey of the soul, and teachers to guide you through their knowledge, inspiration and practice. JZK khairun from the bottom of our hearts - may Allah st bless the institution and all its teachers, and may we in turn implement and put into practice all that we have learnt.

Umm Ayesha Jun, 2010

Alhamdulillah, attended the course with my daughters...gave us so much to talk about. Very well presented, balanced, informative, eye-opening, thought-provoking, well researched, and overall - a fantastic course, timely and relevant! May Allah ST allow the information we have gained to enter our hearts and guide us towards attaining His pleasure. JZK to our fantastic teachers...may Allah st keep you in His pleasure and service in benefiting the ummah through DA.

Zainab Jun, 2010

Assalamu Alaikum, I really enjoyed learning about the legal aspects of the veil, especially the insights into the Niqab- which I was really wanting to get some knowledge on. Further more the historical aspect of the veil really put things into perspective. Another exceptionally well prepared and presented course-Jazak Allahu Kheiran, May Allah reward all the teachers and people involved in preparing this course-Ameen.

Umm Iman Jun, 2010

If you want a glimpse of reality...if you want to know why you are here .... if you want to face the truth of your existence and if you want to be prepared to meet your Creator, then do this course. Umm Abdur Rahman's ability to unveil the facade of this temporary world is amazing. It is impossible to walk away from this course not having pictured yourself as a corpse, being washed and shrouded, and ultimately placed in your grave. It was the virtual death that this course put me through that made me realise how under prepared I was for what lies ahead. This truly is a course that should not be missed.

Umm Iman Jun, 2010

While it would be easy for me to leave a comment which reflects how much I enjoyed, and more importantly benefitted from this course, my opinions are merely that, opinions. The facts are this : the course content was pertinent focussed and well spaced. The presenters were engaging, inspirational, articulate and extremely knowledgeable. When speakers of this calibre, whose impeccable character and expertise shine through every word that they deliver, present a course, there is nothing left but for the student to come away with a heart that is touched, and a mind left thinking.

Rania K Jun, 2010

Assalamu Alaykum, Alhumdulillah this course was very beneficial, Jazakum ullho khayran for holding the course. It was great because it didn't just focused on the modern day, but also gave an insight to the history of the veil. As always time was of the essence, but Alhumdulillah the teachers did a fantastic job, May Allah(SWT) reward them!

Seeker Of Knowledge Jun, 2010

Mashallah, this course blew me away. I walked away empowered and proud to be a Muslim Woman. It Clarified many things for me and solidifed some of my own knowledge. Looking forward to part 2.

Mariam.K Jun, 2010

JazaAllahu khieran to both presenters on the day, may Allah (swt) reward your efforts. The course was amazing, very enlightening and very informative. The veil was presented in a new light and the history part increased our understanding of the veil in todays society. The course is a must for all Muslim women!!

Wini Jun, 2010

I love this course. It softens our heart, and focuses our mind as Umm AbdurRahman reminded us: our target is the meeting with ALlah SWT. May ALlah SWT bless all the teachers, staffs and the seekers of knowledge in DaarAisha...

Mubina Jun, 2010

Daar Aisah Daar Aisha Daar Aisha UM A Rehman....thats all on my lips for past 3 yrs. The most serene, beautiful, peaceful place with the most beautiful sisters/friends and to top it of, all rightly guided teachers with the sense of humor to die for. May Allah bless Daar Aisha, its teachers and their families (ameen)

Arjumand Jun, 2010

jazakumullah for another eye-opening course. Every time i attend daar-aisha, its like.. so many things to improve and so much more to learn! The way all content was delivered was amazing. i just wish we have more courses like this. May Allah reward our teachers and everyone at daaraisha immensely for their efforts.(ameen)

Zainab Jun, 2010

Assalamu Alaikum, I am really excited and looking forward to attending this course InshaAllah.....can't wait to get more insights and understanding of Hijab. I'm sure it will be as awesome and inspiring as all the other short courses I have attended so far and especially as this is also a subject close to my heart and my head-my Hijab:)SubhanAllah!

Fraiba Jun, 2010

Salaam Alaykum I attended this course on Sunday.It took me into my Grave and out, my head is still spinning. May Allah bless Ustadha um Abdur Rahman for teaching us.

Julie Jun, 2010

Salam Alaykum sisters I did this course on sunday. It was masha Allah FANTASTIC! It really is an eye opener, and truely is life changing. May Allah reward you all for putting this together. Jazak Allah

Zainab Jun, 2010

Assalamu Alaikum I found the course to be exceptionally well prepared and presented by an exceptionally inspirational teacher- Um Abdur Rahman-Jazak Allahu Kheiran. I will InshaAllah be sharing this vital knowledge with family and friends. And I have finally taken off my nose stud in preparation for the coming of death (personal choice), after the course...so yeah it has definately affected me in a positive way-Alhumdulillah. Dua's for all involved in the preparation for this course-May Allah reward you all abundantly-Ameen. NB.The course notes are helpful also.

Seeker of knowledge Jun, 2010

Salam walaykum, i just would like to say that Daar Aisha is the best place to be. The environment is so peaceful, the teachers are truely amazing! May Allah swt bless each and every one of them for their efforts in spreading the pure light of this beautiful deen. It has touched our souls and inshallah continuos changes to become better Muslims. What i find so amazing is the sisters who strive to recite the Quran in class to the best of their ability and give it their all. As me being at Daar Aisha has completely changed my whole thought process and become more aware. My dua' goes out to my beautiful teachers, class members and ofcourse my darling Mariam for her presence hehe.

Fatima Jun, 2010

The many people that i know of who are attending this class are REALLY looking forward to it. A couple of years ago, a relative of mine attended the same class about the same topic, and as a result, put on the hijab on the same day, and kept it on since. Alhamdulillah. This goes to show the kind of impact that this class has. Without a doubt, inshallah, you will really enjoy the knowlege learned, and gain much benefit from this class.

Hanadi Jun, 2010

I am so excited. I was so disappointed when the earlier one was booked out so am very anxious to go. I am attending insha allah with a big group of girls and I am sure they are all very excited also. We have been talking about this class for months. A big thanks to my friend Jemana for letting us all know about the new date. Love you Jemana. And may allah increase your ranking in paradise.

Sumayyah Jun, 2010

what i love most about daar aisha is that it is an all encompassing shariah course by highly qualified teachers, masha'Allah they have soo much knowledge, they are passionate, objective, AND most importantly work hard and diligently at the unity aspect of the ummmah, in my 4 years at Daar Aisha i have observed and vouche for them being totally and completely independent of any goup or ideology apart from belonging to the greater Ummah of Muhammad s.a.w.s.

Shaimaa May, 2010

Daar Aisha is synonymous with barakah barkah barakah! Bismillah mashaAllah! The best 4.5 hours of my week was every saturday in the presence of incredible teachers who had a deep heart felt love and attachment to Rasulullah sallalahualayhiwasalam and who positively gifted that love and attachment directly into the hearts of all those present.

Awatef May, 2010

Registering at Daar Aisha has been the best decision I have made in my life so far!!! It's a great environment that pulls you away from the busy materialistic life. The one day a week that I attend Daar Aisha helps me correct and contemplate on everything that I have done in the past week.

Ushna May, 2010

Daar Aisha is a really cool place and the teachers are awesome(:

Amy May, 2010

In addition to providing interesting, practical and essential information, Daar Aisha presents an opportunity for everyone to partake in the transmission of Sacred Knowledge in a non-confrontational, supportive and warm environment. Daar Aisha is more than a Shariah college, it is a sisterhood and a sanctuary for anyone seeking the Straight Path. May Allah (swt) shower His Blessings on all the teachers, students, admin staff at Daar Aisha. Inshallah there will be a Daar Aisha in every corner of Sydney!

Mehreen May, 2010

Theres no place like Daar Aisha! We have the best teachers, Alhumdulilah!

Saadia May, 2010

Daar Aisha is the best Islamic college I have ever been too. The courses are SO interesting and the teachers are the best!

Tahreem May, 2010

I love Daar Aisha! I would recommend it to everyone!!