2023 - Prophetic Medicine

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Location: Condell Park Language of delivery: English Age group:
  • 17+ years and onwards

The "Prophetic Medicine" course is a comprehensive exploration of traditional Islamic healing practices and medicinal knowledge based on the teachings and practices of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This course delves into the rich heritage of Prophetic Medicine, also known as "Tibb-e-Nabawi," which has been an integral part of Islamic healing and healthcare for centuries. It aims to provide students with a deep understanding of the principles, remedies, and holistic approach to health and well-being advocated by the Prophet (peace be upon him).

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We are currently NOT enrolling for this course.


  • ? History of Islamic & Prophetic Medicine ? Preventative Prophetic Medicine ? The concept of treatment in Prophetic Medicine ? Causes of Disease ? Miracle Foods ? Healing with Prophetic Medicine ? Spiritual Medicine ? Prophetic Prescriptions for specific ailments