• Australia's Leading Islamic Education Institute with a vast range of spiritually enlightening courses

  • Educating the Women of Australia through traditional time honoured methods

  • "And say: My Lord increase me in knowledge." - Holy Qur'an ( Ta-Ha 20:114 )

  • Knowledge is Enlightenment upholding teachings of the Holy Qur'an in light of the Sunnah

  • "Whoever follows a path in the persuit of knowledge,
    Allah will make a path to paradise easy for him." - Prophet Muhammad (Peach and blessings be upon him)

  • "Rekindles the spirit:
    absolute spiritual and intellectual illumination" - Student Testimonial

Australia's Leading Islamic Education Institute for Women

Our range of courses aim to enlighten and inspire individuals with Prophetic wisdom connecting us to Qur'anic teachings.
Whether you're starting out, looking to improve your understanding of Islam, or reconnecting to your faith, we offer pathways that suit your needs.

Featured Courses

Islamic Will

Learn about Shariah compliant Islamic will that is accepted by Australian Law

Halal & Haram of Food

Learn what is permissible or what is not permissible

Learn To Read The Qur'an

Extremely successful beginners' program

Tajweed Program

This is a popular Tilawah program. Small class, individual attention.


  • 2016 Community Iftar

    Fill the Masjid Campaign

    Daar Ibn Abbas & Daar Aisha College are pleased to invite you and your family to our annual Community Iftar & Fundraiser for Condell Park Masjid.

  • 2016 Nour ala Nour - Annual Event

    Daar Aisha Annual Event - 2016

    It's that time of the year where Daar Aisha's annual event is approaching!

    This year our event, 'Nour ala Nour', is a fundraiser event for Daar al Qur'an al Kareem and the new Condell Park Masjid, which is soon to start construction.

    There will be Qur'an presentation, live nasheeds, live auctions, entertainment and more!

    For ticket purchase information, please contact us.

    Would be lovely to see you all there inshaAllah!

  • 2016 Deen Intensive

    The Intensive is open to both brothers and sisters.


    Email info@ibnabbas.org.au or SMS 0418 303 063

    Please note the intensive will be free of charge, however lunch and dinner will be provided at cost. Further details and cost to be provided for those who wish to order.

  • 2016 Daar Aisha Open Day & High Tea

    Come and have morning/afternoon tea with us. A large number of courses offered in 2016 for Women and Children. Meet our teachers, meet our students, view our courses.

  • The Annual Princess Ball

    - with a Spanish Flair. Games, Gifts, Trivia, Prizes, Food Galore & Lots'O Fun. A fun filled evening with laughter and knowledge. - Play: A day in the life of a Muslimah. - Performance of spectacular Flamenco & Zapateado Dancers. Music, food and dance absolutely halal. Registration is essential. Location: The Renaissance, The grand ballroom.


Condell Park Masjid Ramadan Campaign

Ramadan 2015 will mark the launch of Phase 2 of the project. You can donate to our cause via the following options:

To know more about this project, click here

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