2022 - Qualities of the true friends of Allah

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Location: Condell Park Language of delivery: English Age group:
  • 17+ years and onwards

Saturdays 12:00 - 12:45pm 12 WEEK COURSE -
THE REFINEMENT OF CHARACTER Qualities Of the True Friends Of Allah
The Messenger of Allah SalaAllahu alaihi wa sallam said: “Nothing weighs heavier in the scales than good character” Any Muslim who is adorned and beautified with an Islamic character will indeed achieve the nobility of the elite of Allah’s creation, thereby becoming the beloved of Allah Most High. For a Muslim, character building is essential to one’s faith and is derived from the Qur’an and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet salaAllahu alaihi wa sallam. True servitude to Allah, the Most High, is to adhere to the principles, noble qualities and manners that are drawn from the Quran and Sunnah. This course is a guide to practical conduct by studying the essentials of good character and noble qualities which act as saviours of the believers in this life and the next.
• On Being a Devoted Servant of Allah
• Tawbah – the First Step
• Reliance on Allah and Trusting in Him
• Humbleness and Humility
• Prostrate & Gain Nearness
• On Patience
• Generosity
• Content and Pleased with Allah’s in all circumstances

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We are currently NOT enrolling for this course.